Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wretched taxes. No more wheels.

Today has been busy. I'm dead tired. I went to the bank, filed my taxes, went grocery shopping, cooked, and had most of my time today sucked away by selling my car. Yup, I am now no longer a car owner. I posted the ad at 9 a.m. and had the car sold by 4:30 p.m. Most people would be happy being the new owner of a car, but I've gone the other way. I'm actually happy to be newly rid of a car. Of course, I can get away with it since I live in a city with good public transportation and a non-profit car sharing organization. I suspect there will be some hassles with only having Gen's car around, but considering how little I actually drive, I doubt the hassles will be that significant.

As I noted yesterday, recycling is probably going to be an issue. I used to store the recycling in the van and drive it to the recycling center in bulk. Considering how many recyclables we generate, those trips are going to have to be more frequent than in the past. There's no way to store the stuff in the apartment since we live in a roughly 550 square foot space. It's just another annoying problem to solve. I'll add it to my super long to-do list.

Oh, and taxes suck. I can't believe I pay so much in taxes. Federal tax, state tax, and city tax. I know we don't have it as bad as other countries, but it still hurts to see that much of my income being taken away. I find it particularly annoying that I have to pay state tax on my investments, and that Philadelphia city tax is significantly higher than my state taxes. What's up with that?

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