Friday, January 4, 2008

The brave new blog

Well, it is a new year and I've finally decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon. I find it nearly impossible to keep up with all my friends and family since... well, let's just say I'm not terribly good at keeping up with the e-mails and calling people. Maybe having a blog will change that. At the very least, this will be an experiment and give me a chance to write out my thoughts.

I have a few ideas for keeping the blog interesting (for myself at least). This could quite possibly too ambitious on my part considering that I get rather busy at times, but I was thinking I'd use this blog to do a few things:

  1. Post news about happenings in my life.
  2. Discuss topics near and dear to me as they pop into my mind (including, but not limited to healthy living, frugality, Zen, living green, vegetarianism, etc).
  3. Link to interesting stuff I stumble upon while surfing.
Anyhow, we'll see what happens with this blog. It could quite possibly die of neglect as so many blogs often do. Hopefully, it'll blossom into a sounding board for my ever evolving thought processes.

Oh yeah, and "woo-hoo! First post!" I know, it's lame since I have to make the first post by default, but I never get the first post on anything.

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