Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Resolutions, schmesolutions

Well, it didn't take me very long to meet my New Year's resolutions (just under 12 weeks). I think I can now safely assume I've met them. A few days ago, I managed to jump rope for 15 continuous minutes, upped from my original resolution for 10 minutes. I'd increase it again, but I start getting bored after 10 minutes. I've been keeping my routine fresh by upping my speed to 180 turns/min and mixing up my footwork. So, in summary: jump rope fitness goal definitely achieved.

Though my worthless body fat analyzer doesn't tell me anything useful, I'm pretty sure I've dropped 1% body fat. Since last Thanksgiving, I've dropped over 10lbs in weight without any perceived loss in strength. And since my abs are starting to show, I'm think my body fat percentage is probably approaching single digits. I'm not quite at a 6-pack yet, so according to the muscle nuts at Testosterone Nation, my body fat percentage is still double digit. Maybe in another couple of months, I'll have both my resolution and my vain ego fulfilled.

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