Monday, March 10, 2008

Super Sunday (aka the Iron Chef is a pansy)

This weekend was crazy packed. No, it wasn't from all wild partying, which is definitely not my usual weekend fare anyhow. I spent a most of the weekend cooking up a storm. Now that we're eating 5-6 times a day (smaller meals), cooking lots of food is a necessity. I spent almost all Sunday (and part of Saturday) making all our food for the week:

  1. tofu veggie soup
  2. sticky rice with tofu, black mushroom, and mixed veggies
  3. stir-fried Chinese broccoli with black beans
  4. stir-fried tofu with broccoli and mushrooms in bean sauce
  5. one pot of mung bean soup
  6. two crocks of red bean soup
  7. 3 loaves (really 1 regular, and two mini) of honey whole wheat bread
  8. cornbread
  9. lavash (actually my attempt at crackers which inadvertently turned into flatbread)
  10. baked marinated tofu
I also made extra mirepoix for a tomato sauce which Gen actually finished because I was too tired/lazy after my cooking marathon to finish. Gen also made the vegannaise for our salad and sandwich dinner.

Believe it or not, I had actually contemplated three more food items (quesadillas, Thai curry, and pesto), but I was lacking in either ingredients or energy. As much food as that is, I actually anticipate needing to cook more by Friday. *Sigh*, cooking is a never-ending task. At least all this homemade food is tasty.

Oh, and yes, the Iron Chef is a pansy. He has several helpers and a spacious, well-equipped kitchen. He also doesn't have to do the dishes.

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