Monday, March 31, 2008

Adventures on the road

Well, I just got back from a trip to NC for another I-Liq Chuan (ILC) workshop. I successfully tested up to instructor level 1. I sort of expected to pass, though I was a little worried when I had to demonstrate applications for a few moves which I normally don't contemplate much. Fittingly enough, the mindfulness training inherent to ILC helped me stay calm and adapt to the circumstances. I managed to eke out a believable understanding of the 21-form. I also nearly slipped when doing the butterfly form (note to self: in future, don't wear socks on a slick wooden floor when performing fast, force issuing moves). That probably wouldn't have looked great to be in the middle of a throwing move and having my feet fly up in the air.

This time I drove down to NC, and I have to say that I remember why I started flying there. Seven hours in a car (each way) is dreadfully tiring for a weekend trip drive. To make matters worse, the windshield wipers on my car don't work right. I have to push the wash windshield button to get the wipers to turn on and wipe once. Conveniently, the instant I find out my wipers don't work is when it rains. I probably drained my windshield wiper fluid reservoir by the time I got to Richmond.

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