Tuesday, February 5, 2008

All my bass no belong to me

Well, I finally did it. I sold my beautiful Fender Jazz bass guitar last night. Granted it was not that special of a bass guitar. It wasn't an American made bass, in which case I probably would have gotten a lot more money for it. As much as I loved playing it, I really hadn't picked it up much in the past 2-3 years. Given how much time working, I-Liq Chuan training, and my crazy gym routines take up, I just didn't foresee myself ever playing it seriously again.

Honestly, I was quite conflicted about selling it. I really enjoyed playing it in the past and had fond memories of just jamming with it in my amateurish musical endeavors. But the key to my decision was that it was the past I was hanging on to. Now, it's just another possession which I probably won't use it again. I turned to my de-cluttering goals for motivation. I also pondered the Buddha's insight into the impermanent nature of life. I realized I was irrationally attaching to the bass in an attempt to cling to my musical past. As soon as I let go of that attachment, my decision became much easier and I felt relieved. Now, the bass has a new owner who will probably use and appreciate the bass more, and I have one less useless possession weighing me down.

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