Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cooking up a storm

So, Gen and I have essentially been cooking all of our meals the past few months. Before, when we had longer commutes, Subway was popular pit stop on the way home from the gym. Still, cooking is not always something we look forward to after a long day of work and a killer session at the gym. So, the solution is to cook over the weekend, and cook a lot. We must have set a record this weekend. Here's what we managed to make:

1. veggie quesadillas
2. tofu stir fry with mixed veggies and spicy bean sauce
3. stir fried Chinese broccoli
4. red bean soup (Chinese style, sweet soup)
5. veggie lentil soup
6. vegetarian chili
7. veggie patty home fries
8. Thai curry with tofu and mixed veggies
9. quinoa
10. banana pudding

It's a good thing we cooked so much. We've both just read Bill Phillip's "Body for Life." While we don't agree with everything in the book, we decided to try implementing the 6 mini meals a day and more focused, higher intensity, and shorter duration workouts. If we're going to eat that many times a day, it's nice to have a lot of various prepared food dishes around.

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