Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Brrr! Tales of the cold.

When there's nothing else to talk about, we make small talk about the weather. The past two days I've been waking up to temperatures in the teens. That'd be ok since I'm not usually outside, but we haven't had heat in our apartment for the past two days. Thank goodness I didn't just sell off the space heaters in my mission to declutter my life. Apparently, our apartment is the only unit in our complex that sits above ground rather than above the basement. So, the working theory (if we are to believe the apartment management and repair guys) is that there is ice in our radiator pipes impeding the flow of hot water.

How are we supposed to fix this problem? By running space heaters everywhere to try to thaw whatever section of pipe has the frozen obstruction, that's how. It was a logical theory presented by the maintenance guys. Simple. Based on sound principles. The only problem is that the apartment isn't really wired to be running that many high load electrical devices. The breaker trips every time we attempt to run too many heaters.

Oh, the joys of apartment living.

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